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The conditions of this Refund Policy is extended on all sales of software and associated services. You must read carefully and understand the terms set out here before making the purchase. Your rights and benefits as a client are set out here with clear exceptions and limitations which can apply.

General Terms

After you order our services if any question arises, you are expected to liaise with our customer representatives. Our common procedure is to collect feedback from consumers and forward it to our Service Center for redress. After customer service has been taken into account, refunds will be approved if the grievance cannot be made valid according to terms and conditions. As our service centre addresses most customer problems effectively, in this way, the refund requests are reduced.

Terms of Refund

Any purchase refund request can only be accepted if it is submitted within three days of the date of transaction. In such a case, the user will be refunded if one of the following criteria is met:
  • The user has not made any subsequent purchase through the same account after making the first subscription.
  • The user has not used the same reason to receive refund from at any period before.
  • >An OS upgrade by the user prevents to run in the target device and’s support team cannot fix it.
  • The user has explained their use case and feature they’re looking for before the purchase but that specific feature cannot be accessed by them.
  • The user is unable to access any feature included in their subscription plan.

The user will not be eligible for a refund in case:
  • If the refund request is attributable to the need of device upgrade of the customer, then the refund will not be granted. The consumer is expected to reinstall the software, where an update to the operating system would be necessary to resolve the problems
  • No refund can be issued to a user in case the reasons for a refund are completely beyond control.

    They include, but are not limited to:
    • Failure by a user to make use of a device that is compatible with the software. This subject is covered by the terms of software Compatibility Policy
    • Failure to access software due to lost Internet connection or interference of the Internet Service Provider of the User
    • Failure to access software due to the reset of the user’s device or the operating system update
    • A target device is not owned by a user or a user has not been consented to install the software by a target device owner
    • Failed to access target device physically
    • Loss of the password of the target user, or access to a computer hosting software
    • Interruption of user ‘s access to service due to the location change, roaming incompatibility, or firewalls at the user’s place
    • As a result of changing Internet service provider, a user’s computer has lost access to the Internet
    • Connectivity fluctuation affecting a user’s computer because of roaming-related problems
    • The device of a consumer suffering fluctuating carrier signals as a consequence of a change in carrier operator or a merger
    • Unpaid carrier subscription or zero balance in the subscription account as a result customer cannot access device functions
    • Customer denies reinstalling on the targeted device
    • The settings of a user’s phone are restored to factory status
    • Update in the target’s phone operating system
    • Failure of the user to follow the configuration instructions given on our website or clarified by the staff of our Support Centre
    • Not receiving data saved on a computer before installing program
    • Connectivity or service failure due to the customer has installed the software on more than one device after purchasing a single device subscription plan
    • For personal problems or complaints such as “I don’t like the App anymore,” “I don’t have much need for the app,” “I changed my mind,” “I bought it by accident” etc
    • The user’s security abuse due to certain applications on the user’s computer or a certain antivirus program
    • Lost iCloud certificates or inability to back up by the user
    • Lack of or failure of access to the user’s WIFI network
    • Insufficient space for backups in a user’s iOS or Android device, or iCloud.
    • Two-factor authentication is allowed on a target device, and a user could not or does not disable it
    • Enhanced features of the app (Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.) are not accessible because the user is either unable to root the Android system or does not want to
    • Subscription Prolongation is Non-refundable

Refund Procedure

You need to submit a support ticket to have your refund request submitted, and it will be taken into consideration within seven business days.
NOTE: The refunded amount is credited back to the user by using the original payment method and to the same account/card initially used to make the payment.

Effects of Chargeback

If the use of the credit card or other payment forms for our services is subject to a chargeback, we reserve the right to cancel the user’s account. We will only resume our services for the customer after we have collected all due payments. The reactivation of the service can only take place at our choice afterwards.
You shall bear all expenses covered by us as a refund of your payment before continuing with the restoration of your service. You shall pay all litigation or accounting fees arising out of disputes as a result of refund payments.