Whatsapp Tracker App

When it comes to their kids, parents need to be extra careful. They must track the phone activities of their children. Task also includes monitoring their WhatsApp conversations. Children can interact with scamsters and dangerous people through WhatsApp. Latest apps with a good WhatsApp tracker app can help in this regard.

What Problems Does A WhatsApp Tracker App Solve?

1. Saves Your Child From Online Predators

WhatsApp online activity tracker apps help track your kid’s conversation remotely. The app saves them from online predators and fraudsters without them knowing. A good WhatsApp online activity tracker like TiSPY accesses all the chat conversations. Parents can also keep an eye on the nature of the conversation when their kid gets involved.

2. Able to Track Kids Behaviour Through Message Analysis

Having a good WhatsApp activity tracker can be fruitful for parents. It will ensure kids’ safety by tracking kids’ behaviour through message analysis. It is crucial to ensure that you use the best WhatsApp online trackers with high performance and the best features. Parents can listen to kids’ conversations to understand what worries them.

3. Aware Kids about Scam Messages or Calls

Parents can easily show the data to their kid to teach them about the suspicious whatsapp messages or calls and make them aware priorly.

SWIFT WhatsApp Tracking Feature

1. View WhatsApp Conversations
SWIFT tracker app monitors the WhatsApp chat history of any number. A good WhatsApp tracker benefits from its superior features. These apps monitor the chats and conversations of the target device. To spy on the WhatsApp chat of target users, you must download the dashboard on your device. Along with conversations, users can also track the target’s call logs on WhatsApp.
2. Keep Track of WhatsApp Call History
With SWIFT, you can check anyone’s WhatsApp chat history & details. While spying on kids’ WhatsApp, it is vital to monitor the calls and the target location. Such an app helps to keep friends and family secure. Parents can also effectively monitor the movement of their kid’s devices by using such apps. It is a vital feature to ensure better tracking.
3. Check Multimedia File Sharing
The advantage of the SWIFT WhatsApp tracker app is that it helps to access the files and folders shared on WhatsApp. It is where you need the most security for people who use the app. With such a tracker, you can view the multimedia files exchanged on WhatsApp, including videos, images, and audio files. Whatsapp spy access all chats, call logs and photos to keep track of everything.
4. Track WhatsApp Without Rooting
It is crucial to choose an app with WhatsApp spy access to all chats. Such tracking apps should be easy to use with basic features. It helps to track the target phone with a simple user interface. SWIFT tracking apps are easy to access and do not need rooting. The dashboard has advanced features with tracking to trace the activities on the target device.
5. Check the Conversations of the WhatsApp Group
If you are wondering how to track WhatsApp chat on Android, then look no further. SWIFT has WhatsApp spy access to all chat call logs and photos. This helps track group chats for monitoring the online activities of family and friends. This app gives proper details about the target device’s WhatsApp activities through a dashboard.
6. Block the Spam Contacts
SWIFT has a feature to block spam contacts on WhatsApp. The app helps to block unwanted callers on the target device. This feature is crucial for parents who want to keep kids safe online. SWIFT WhatsApp tracking app promises high performance. Call blocking is a feature that ensures kids’ safety.
7. View WhatsApp Chat History
The WhatsApp tracking feature on SWIFT helps to track the chat history of WhatsApp online. Parents can track their kid’s chats. The online activity tracker on SWIFT accesses WhatsApp chat conversations and provides a detailed chat history. This feature allows parents to monitor the conversation in which children are involved. This helps them stay safe online.
How to Install SWIFT WhatsApp Tracker?
A precondition for downloading the SWIFT WhatsApp tracker for android is the convenience of Android OS 4.4 or above. Below are detailed steps for installing the SWIFT WhatsApp tracker:
1. Disable Google Play Protect on your android phone.
2. Open the “Play Store” application on your android phone.
3. Tap Menu.
4. Disable Play Protect.
5. Disable “Scan device for security threats”.
6. Disable Anti-Virus.
7. Security -> Security Scan -> Setting icon -> Disable “Scan before Installing”

Here are the steps to install SWIFT Whatsapp Spy App in iOS device, you can also check install guide for the same-

1. Login or Sign up in your SWIFT account.
2. Using cable, connect your laptop with an iOS device.
3. Then click ‘Add’ to add the device.
4. Select a specific device to monitor or track.